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About Anglesey Mould & Press


Anglesey Mould & Press started as a family run business in 1989 specialising in Toolmaking, Plastic Injection Moulding and Steel Pressing. The company expanded mainly due to its ability to respond to the customer’s requirements. Not only do we provide the best prices, quality and service but also can offer a special cost effective proto-type bespoke solution for either the long run or the smaller batch what ever suits your business.

Because of our location, flexibility and low overheads we are able to offer our customers the benefit of a highly competitive pricing structure.

We often serve as back up moulders for other moulding companies who take advantage of our prices, quality, integrity and services.

AMP have a proven track record on delivery a fast and personal service along with a high standard of quality.

Cost effective small batch quantities linked to large production runs are offered due to our ability to manufacture low cost in-house tooling then once a product is proven ,quality hardened tooling can be created for high volume production runs.

From order to delivery our mission is to minimise cost and deliver to you in the shortest possible time frame. To achieve this we will include professional advice on tool making, product strength & design , cost effective manufacturing processes, industry certification, the correct polymer choice & colour fast
coding this will bring YOUR sample to YOUR marketplace FAST